Friday, October 30, 2015

Tooth Brush Shield ~ Review

Have you ever heard of a Tooth Brush Shield by IntelliDent?  I had not, until a wonderful lady named Lisa brought them to my attention.

A Tooth Brush Shield protects the head of your tooth brush from anything that may land on it while resting, just waiting for you to use it.  This particular one also wicks moisture away, so it helps your tooth brush dry faster and does not allow for bacteria to grow in settled waters.

Have you ever brushed your teeth in the morning, ate lunch then thought, "man, self, I really need to brush my teeth again!?"  Well, that happens to me a good deal.  I like my teeth to feel clean, what can I say?  I noticed right away how quickly my tooth brush dried.  Usually when I brush my teeth in the morning, then go at it again right after lunch, my brush is still damp.  Not when I started using the Tooth Brush Shield!

These small, white covers are perfect for anyone in the family.  They are easy to use, beneficial to your health and convenient.

I found the Tooth Brush Shields online, ranging in price from $2.99-5.99.  Very affordable for a 10 pack, which will last you about a month.  They're also on sale at Walmart, so go out and pick a pack up!

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When Lisa asked me to do this review, she was gracious enough to send a few samples for me and my family to try out.  I have a few extras and will send one winner a Tooth Brush Shield and one winner a Mouth Guard Shield!  Enter below:

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