My blogging experience started in April, but I "took off" with my 30 Day Blog Challenge (see Day 1 here {8/7/2012}).

STATS for Dawn's Disaster as of January 24, 2014:
Post per week~4-6
GFC, G+, RSS, Bloglovin~3,177
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest~8,539

STATS for Dawn's Disaster as of October 7, 2013:
Post per week~4-8
GFC, G+, RSS, Bloglovin~2,710
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest~5,101

STATS for Dawn's Disaster as of August 13, 2013:
Post per week~4-8
GFC, G+, RSS, Bloglovin~2,141
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest~3,311

Product Reviews will be offered to you, as long as a full sized, non-returnable product is provided for me (and my family) to test.  One review will be posted.  All reviews will be completed within thirty (30) days of receiving your product(s).  The time between receiving and review post will be used to test your product(s).  My family and I welcome any family-friendly products; including games/toys, food/beverages, books and educational items, and fashion items - clothing/accessories.  Please contact me for further details and prices.

Giveaways will be hosted.  I offer two different levels of giveaways.  The FREE level would be included with a Product Review and you would provide the full sized item and take responsibility for shipping item to the winner(s).  Any giveaway will run for seven (7) to twenty (20) days, unless "Flash Giveaway" is indicated, in which case it will be run for 24 hours from original posting time.  When a giveaway is completed, a winner will be randomly chosen and confirmed.  Within 48 hours of confirmation, I will email providing company/person the winner's shipping information.  Please contact me for further details.

Sponsored Posts are available, please contact me for further details.

Disclaimer: While many of the items are provided to Growing Beanie Babies are free of charge, all opinions are solely the expression of myself (Dawn) or my family [unless noted as a Sponsored Post].  Any product deemed to NOT be family-friendly will not be posted or returned.  Any package received and postage is DUE, review will not be posted until reimbursement is paid in full and postage and/or other fees are paid completely.  All items sent to Growing Beanie Babies or the winner(s) of a giveaway will not be returned and sent at the providing company/persons expense.  Google/Blogger may use cookies in its advertising and analytics, therefore, my blog may use them.  Please be aware of this an opt in or out at your choosing.