Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jewelry Wishes

The other day, I was walking through the mall with the Beanie Babies.  We passed a few jewelry stores and finally, the Big One said, "mom, we need to look at that store.  It is SO pretty!"  We stopped and looked at a few pieces through the glass case.  A sales agent came up to us, but I told her we were only looking because one of the Beanie Babies had asked to stop and let her know she didn't need to get anything out for us.  She was nice about it, but stayed close {I supposed just in case I was a crazy person and tried to steal the case with Beanie Babies in tow}.

Once home from the trip, the Big One and Ms. Middle both asked why I didn't wear more jewelry.  They thought it was very pretty and would make me look nicer {thanks, kiddos, do I really look that bad?}

SO, I decided to check out what was online.  Maybe some earrings?  Nope, my earring holes closed up a few years ago...because I never wear earrings.  I think the last time I did was at my wedding.  We got married in July and a jeweler friend of the family custom made a beautiful paid of Ruby earrings.  Probably the only time I have worn three pieces of real-stone jewelry!  Earrings ~ that's a NO.

How about a necklace?  I love the look the necklace helps to accentuate.  Long necks, smooth skin...but I always feel like I'm choking.  Probably not a necklace.  Here lies the issue I have with jewelry.  I think it is beautiful, but I have a hard time wearing it.

What about a ring?  Ok.  I like rings.  More specifically, I like my engagement and wedding rings.  BUT, I have a whole other hand that needs a little decoration, yes?  Check out a few beauties I found online!

{1~Round Diamond Flower//2~Three Stone Created Pink Sapphire//3~Multi Colored Sapphire//4~Amethyst and White Sapphire}

The Three Stone Created Pink Sapphire Ring is more of an engagement ring {as is the Round Diamond Flower, so cute!}, but it stood out at me.  Maybe an anniversary gift~hint, hint.  The Multi Colored Sapphire Ring was more unique that others that I saw.  However; the Amethyst and White Sapphire ring store my heart.  Totally an anniversary gift in my future {not a hint, a fact ;)}.

Which do you like?  Do you have any suggestions for me?  Leave your opinion in the comments!

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