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What A Girl Wants~Book Tour, Guest Post, A Giveaway and My Review

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 3/12/14 - 3/26/14

Genres: Sweet, Contemporary, Romance

Series: A Brookhollow Story

Friendship is overrated, if you ask her 
She's always just been one of the guys…until she falls in love with one of the guys. Except Bailey Sheppard has carried a torch for firefighter Ethan Bishop since high school. And now that his long-term girlfriend has left him brokenhearted, she's free to go after what she's always wanted. 
Not that Ethan sees Bailey as anything but a friend. A best friend maybe, but still not a woman he'd be interested in. Pining for his ex has made him blind to the possibility of happiness with anyone else…. But can Ethan resist a woman who knows what she wants?


Ethan snatched the phone away before Jim could answer the text, which he knew he was aching to do, and slid it into his shirt pocket. He pulled the truck to the side of the highway behind an old, rusted red Volkswagen Jetta and jumped down onto the gravel. He positioned two traffic cones in the inside lane, forcing the oncoming traffic to take the outside lane, as Bailey’s tow truck pulled in front of the Jetta and she climbed out, clipboard in hand.

I’ll be here if you need me,” Jim called from inside the truck, reclining the seat and shutting his eyes.

You’re not even going to get out of the truck?”

It’s a simple backup call. I only came along to get out of clinic duty.”

Ethan shook his head as he closed the truck door. It amazed him how their work ethic differed so drastically. Jim was four years older, yet he’d never shown any interest in advancing his rank at the fire hall. Ethan had worked hard, proving himself to his senior coworkers and landing the position of captain by the time he was twenty-four.

He approached Bailey at the front of the vehicle where she spoke to a short, frazzled-looking bald man. “I’ll just need your driver’s license and your credit card…and I’ll have you hooked up and ready to go in just a few minutes. Feel free to sit in the truck to wait. The air-conditioning is on and it’s much cooler in there.”

The man disappeared inside the cab of the tow truck and Ethan waited until he was out of earshot before saying, “This car has to be at least thirty years old.” He leaned against the bumper to watch her work and the metal frame creaked in protest.

That thing looks about to fall off,” she warned as she put the tow dolly’s coupler in open position by lowering the locking lever all the way down and inserting the locking pin to secure it in place.

Good point, he thought as he stood. “So, before I forget, we’re holding Luke’s bachelor party at the fire hall tonight—poker, darts, beer, the baseball game.… If you’re not doing anything, stop by.” Bailey was a regular at their weekly poker games, much to the dismay of the other guys, whose wallets she emptied.

Stop by? To Luke’s bachelor party—the ultimate boys night?” She sounded incredulous as she inserted the electrical plug from the dolly into the switch on the back of the tow truck. That way the brake lights and turning signals on the dolly would work while en route to the shop.

Yeah, why not?” He knew Luke wouldn’t mind. Bailey had always been like a third, less-annoying sister to the groom to be, and she kept his ancient, rusted-out truck on the road.

I have Victoria’s bachelorette party tonight. A wine and cheese in the backyard of the Brookhollow Inn.” She crisscrossed the chains and connected them to the eyelets on the bumper of the car.

That sounds awful.”

You’re telling me.”

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 About the Author:

Jennifer Snow is an Edmonton based author writing sweet contemporary romance fiction through Harlequin Heartwarming, The Wild Rose Press and Secret Cravings Publishing. She is a member of the Writers Guild of Alberta, the Romance Writers of America, the Canadian Author Association, and More information can be found on her website

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My Review:

OH-MY-GOSH!  I read this book in one sitting, basically the same day I got it!  I couldn't put the book down {partly because I was reading it on my heavy laptop, mostly because it was SO good}.

Right from the beginning, I felt a connection with Bailey.  She is a tomboy-ish girl who has been best friends with the love of her life for a long time, Ethan.  Of course, Ethan is a typical male is doesn't notice that she loves him.  She has always been there, supporting him...a little waiting for him to break up with his girl friend.  Lucky for me, this was done before the book starts.  As the story continues, I can't help but pull for Bailey to win over Ethan.  While he is a complete doorknob for not realizing what a catch she is, he is still the love of her life.  

Be sure to check out What A Girl Wants.  I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Guest Post from The Author:
Real Romance and A lot of Drugs

I never told many people (I guess I'm telling a whole bunch now lol), but I had surgery about two months ago-nothing serious, just an outpatient procedure-and for the first time in my life I was on drugs-a lot of drugs lol as they prepared me to be wheeled into the operation room. Let me just say here that I usually take nothing-no vitamins, no regular medication, a Tylenol for a headache maybe once every two months, that's it, so the meds they injected into my I.V. hit me hard.
            And in my silly, confused, VERY relaxed state I realized two things about myself-One-I talk way too much and Two-I married the most romantic man in the world. Here's how it happened-the realization I mean...
            Once the drugs started kicking in, my nervousness about going under for the first time disappeared completely, they could have told me they were about to remove a leg and I would have helped them do it. So, of course, I start talking-mostly about all my writer friends and their fabulous new releases. I bragged about Heartwarming and I talked about how much I love- LOVE.
            One of the nurses turned to my husband and said-Wow, you must be quite the romantic if you're married to a romance writer. And she asked me-Is he the inspiration for your books?
            Immediately I laughed and said-Are you kidding-this guy is the world's most unromantic man. (Debbie Macomber claims to have him, but really I do).
            She said-What? You mean you don't run her a bath and leave rose petals on the floor as a trail?
            He said-Nope, I'm the guy with the vacuum cleaning up the mess.
            And right then in my fuzzy state-I realized just how wrong I am when I say he is not romantic.
            He may never have given me flowers or candy or stuffed animals that would have found their way to a garbage can anyway...His wedding proposal was as practical as it can get-'We're here at Tiffany's in Las Vegas, we may as well just buy the ring now. Just keep it on and I'll pay for it.' And he doesn't interrupt his super stressful, busy workday to call me just to hear my voice...
            He does so much more! He believes in my writing ability much more than I do, allowing me the option to stay at home and write if I choose. He bought every superhero costume available in kid size and adult size so he can dress up like superheroes to play with our son. A work-aholic when we met, he no longer works past five so he can be home for dinner with his family. And when a plot idea comes to me as I'm dozing off and too lazy to get up to write it down, he does! You really can't get much more romantic than that.
            That's when I also realized that the heroes in my books ARE inspired by him. For whatever reason-readers loved Luke Dawson-the hero in The Trouble With Mistletoe, the first book in the Brookhollow series and now I realize why-like my husband-Luke has an undying love for the heroine, one that never falters or fades, despite the crap she puts him through and he shows it in deep and meaningful ways. I never consciously modeled him after my husband, but now I know why I love both of them so much:) And Ethan in What A Girl Wants is responsible, dependable and has a moral compass that leads him to always do the right thing-even if it means sacrificing his own happiness-again-like my husband.
            And it only took a lot of drugs to realize the real life romance I am blessed to have every day. J

Jennifer Snow

Author Jennifer Snow is giving away an ebook copy of What A Girl Wants, The Trouble With Mistletoe, and Mistletoe Fever at each tour stop. She’s also giving away five print copies of What A Girl Wants – tour wide! Open internationally. To enter, simply leave a comment with a valid email address. Follow the tour and enter at each stop for more chances to win! Winners will be randomly selected by the author after the tour is over. Enter 3/12/14 – 3/26/14 . 

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