Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dress-Tination with Old Navy

WOW!  Guess what I got to do with my girl friend, April?  GO SHOPPING WITHOUT THE BEANIE BABIES!  How fun!  I joined CrowdTap a bit ago (go HERE if you would like to join).  Little did I know I would get to participate in a "Sample and Share" so soon!

I LOVE FREE stuff!  Really, who doesn't?  So, when given the option to apply for and Old Navy "Sample and Share", how could I not do it?  We did our homework, even before I was selected.  Looked online and decided which dresses we wanted to try on.  When we talked about which ones we liked, it was the same style!  The we talked a little more...it was the same color!  No wonder we're such good friends ;)

After being selected, April and I set a date, got The Hubs to watch the Beanie Babies and took off for Old Navy at Eden Prairie Center.

We went into the store and saw dresses right away.  So, we started looking for our sizes.  We were a little sad that we went through the selection so quickly, as we hoped to try on a lot of dresses.  There was a salesperson near by, we asked her if there were more dresses anywhere in the store.  She said that those were the only regular priced dresses and the clearance dresses were located in the back.

On the way to the fitting rooms, I decided I should look for a pair of shoes to wear while taking the pictures.  Well, we looked at some really cute boots...then realized they were KIDS sizes.  Good thing I have small feet, right?  So we looked for a size 5.  Found it!  Woop-woop!

The fitting rooms were BUSY.  They needed to have been cleaned out, but luckily, there was a gal waiting for her friend to finish trying on clothes and she showed us which two rooms were empty.

Ready?  Dress Number 1:  I picked out the dress I thought I would like the LEAST.  I also had a pink pattern in a different size and a solid black.  This one looked the best.  While it was comfortable, it wasn't practical for me.  Not something I can wear on a date with my basic-black-only wearing hubby and not something I can wear to chase around the Beanie Babies.

Alright, now you know what I look like.

Ok, get over it.  I'm weird looking.  I don't photograph well, so I don't get my picture taken often.  ANYWAY, back to the task at hand...

The one we both liked from online.
Dress Number 2:  Oddly enough, we both chose dress number 2.  I liked mine a lot more than I thought I was going to.  First off, it's sleeveless.  I have gross upper arms.  They're pretty hidden in the picture, though.

Vestido Numero Tres:  We've nick-named this the "cleavage dress" because it is very loose at the "V".  I tucked mine into my bra so everything would stay in place and not bulge out.  April was able to lay the fabric in a way I could snap the picture before anything escaped.  Large-chested or flat chested, this was not a good look.

The Fourth and Final Dresses:  See what I mean, not a very large selection.  We picked out each dress in our sizes.  I liked the striped one on April.  She didn't so much.  

The blue was the one I liked online, but as you can see, bulgy where no woman wants to be bulgy...

At the check out aisle, there were three registers open.  It went pretty quickly.  I went up to the cashier and handed him my coupon.  He scanned my dress and read the coupon.  His eyes got big and said something along the lines of "a FREE dress?  I need to sign up for this!"  I told him that it was a great deal and we had fun, but I thought that companies usually frowned upon it's employees getting the free deals.  He had a little sad on his face then.  He finished my sale and told me to come back.

A good time was had!  And to recap, this is the dress I went home with, even though it's winter in Minnesota:

Again, if you would like to join me at CrowdTap, go HERE.  

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