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TT~Meet Leslie!

YAY for another episode of Traveling Tuesdays!  Here's Leslie, from Violet Imperfection!  I met Leslie through hopping and am SO glad I did!  Here she is:

Dawn’s Disaster

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Hello readers of Dawn's Disaster! My name is Leslie and I blog at Violet Imperfection.

My blog is a little bit of everything, crafts, cooking, DIY, Disney love and of course tales of being Mama to my little girl Violet. I also co-host a linky party called Raising Imperfection on Sundays, my motto is nothing is perfect and I want to make sure Violet grows up without the pressure of feeling like she has to be perfect.

Mamahood is a strange thing, nothing and I mean nothing can prepare you for this sweet little bundle they place in your arms. You may have an idea of what type of Mama you want to be but I think we can all admit we have done things as Mothers that we swore we would never do or simply thought we wouldn't.

Here is my list of things I thought I would never do as a Mama, mind you Violet is only 8 months old so I am sure this list will keep growing.

  1. Co-sleep. Never in a million years did I think I would share my bed with Violet but it happened. Sometimes you do what you have to in order to sleep. Violet had extreme reflux and having her sleep propped up in our bed was the only thing that worked for months. Now that she is in her own crib, I miss her sweet snuggles.
  2. Be calm. I was a pretty high strung person and I still have my moments but the minute we brought Violet home this zen took over. I never thought I would be the laid back parent, my husband on the other hand is the nervous one.
  3. Let Violet watch TV. Now I knew she would watch TV eventually but remember how she had reflux, well the first few months from about 4 to 8 pm the only thing that would calm her down were the Baby Einstein DVDs. Thank goodness for those DVDs, they helped my sanity immensely. She watches Sesame Street now and I am okay with that, she loves it.
  4. Need Time Away. We tried for three years to have Violet, I swore I was never going to let her out of my sight. Hahahaha! Are you laughing with me? I quickly learned that even if I ran out of the house for 30 minutes after my husband got home it was a great thing for me. Mamas need time, even if it is only for a little bit. Violet has had two sleepovers at my parents in the last month and we need that time. It is good, I never thought I would say that!
  5. Put my child in a box so I could finish my lunch. That sounds awful, let me explain. Violet is very active, she is close to walking at 8 months, this is not bragging just a fact. My husband brought home a box for her to play in and she loved it. So I put her in, gave her some of her puffs and she went to town....when she ran out if puffs, I flipped some goldfish crackers in there from my lunch, I was happy, she was happy.

See, no emotional damage.

The biggest thing I have learned in eight months of being a Mama is to not judge other Mamas. You don't know what they are going through, I think on the whole we Mamas need to stick together and laugh at how naive we were before we became parents!

What have you done as a Mama that you thought you would never do?

A big thanks to Dawn for letting me guest post today! I hope you have enjoyed my Mama musings and hope to see you over at Violet Imperfection.

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