Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Traveling T uesdays ~ Meet Brenda!

YAY for another episode of Traveling Tuesdays!  Today, we are hearing from Brenda, of Disney Girl!  I met Brenda through hopping and am very excited she hosted Super Sunday Sync this past Sunday!  She also donated a GREAT prize to my sponsor giveaway, you can check it out here.  Here she is:

Dawn’s Disaster

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Hi everyone! I am SUPER excited to be part of Traveling Tuesdays! My name is Brenda or in the blogging world “Disney Girl”.  In September 2011 I started blogging and have been hooked ever since.  My blog is a place for me to share my love of Disney, crafting, and the happenings of my everyday life.  I am married to a wonderful guy and mom to one sweet daughter who keeps us on our toes at all times.    At the moment we are experiencing her first year of middle school. (YIKES!)

Now that my daughter is older I am really beginning to see how much holiday traditions mean to her.  I am someone who definitely does not care for change so we have lots of traditions! We decorate for all holidays and love celebrating any special occasion.  With Thanksgiving fast approaching my daughter is already planning the day prior to Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day.  Every year we bake pies the night before Thanksgiving.  My daughter & I make a pumpkin pie (or two) and my husband makes his “holiday” pie with his secret family recipe.   Thanksgiving Day will start with us watching the Macy’s Day Parade and lunch being sausage, cheese & crackers and pie.  This has been our little family of threes tradition for years.  Our turkey dinner will be later in the day with my side of the family.  After dinner the Black Friday shopping plan will be mapped out.  (Yes!  I am one of those shoppers!)  My Thanksgiving tradition kicks
off the holiday season.  A season which I love!!  How do you spend the holidays?  Do you have traditions or do you like to change it up?  No matter how you celebrate I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season! 

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