Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Organized Chaos~Sponsor Spotlight and Giveaway

Shana from Organized Chaos has been a wonderful sponsor this month!  She has participated in our Twitter Hop and included US in HER monthly giveaway!  How awesome is that?

Organized Chaos

1)       Who inspires you while blogging? 
My children! I love a lot of other blogs, but most of what I blog about is my boys. Everything from my marriage, our Christian Lifestyle and what were doing on a regular basis comes back to my boys! It all focuses on the life and lifestyle we are trying to provide for them! I get so much joy out of reminiscing their moments, their little sayings and how they are interacting with the world around them!

2)     What is your favorite sport?   
Oh, this is a hard one! I love watching rugby! It is so intense and exciting. However, I love playing soccer and running. I dont find these to be interesting sports to watch but amazing to participate in! Thing to eat? Cheese! Does that count? Cheese anything! Cheese on pizza or sandwiches...in my pasta or just a cheesy pasta! We eat crackers and cheese as snacks and who can deny a good cheesecake?

3)     When did you start blogging? 
October 2012! So I just had my one year anniversary! lol

4)     Where is your favorite place? 
Thats also a hard question. My first reaction would be to say the beach. I love the tranquility and peace it brings being by the ocean. However, after just having spent a week in Durban....I couldnt believe how amazing home felt! It was like that was all I was seeking was to be in my home!

5)     Why did you start blogging? 
I started blogging as a way to release some creative energy. I was reading lots of blogs by that point and just thought to myself...I need that. I need an outlet! I work full time (7am-5pm) with an average of 45 minutes travel a day. I come home after 5:15 pm....have two boys to entertain, bath, and feed (plus the Hubby Dearest!). We are raising our children to be disciples of Christ while still enjoying life. Sometimes it all just gets to hectic...too busy. Blogging gives me a sense of grounding. Something that is mine. Time that is spent just being...Shana!

6)    Do you have kids?  What age(s)? 
I do have two little monkeys! No, seriously theyre boys....but by the looks of my house most evenings you would believe it was monkeys! Lil Mister will be three in January and we are preparing for LJs first birthday next week! And NO....if it was strictly up to me...wed be perfectly fine with just these two. However, we are prepared for whatever might be Gods will for our family!

Since Shana is such an awesome gal, she is giving away a fantastic ad spot!  "You're A Star" is valued at $10.00 and is her in-post ad.  It is a great 600x100 spot.  She posts about 7 times per week {that's every day folks}, offers random Social Media shout outs and lets you take over her blog for a weekend!  Enter below!

Be sure to stop by and say HI to Shana!

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