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TAG~I'm No Longer IT (Christmas Style)

Ah!  I've been Christmas tagged, thanks to Kera over at Nugget on a Budget!  Well, it was all Lanaya's idea (check out her original post HERE).  So, if I tagged you, you can blame it on them :)

Dawn's Disaster

So, this tag has a Christmas twist.  It's sort of like those bloggy awards that are ever so fun to do (and yes, I still have two or so to give out~sorry gals, I haven't had the time yet), except with Christmas questions.  So, here's the deal-e-o:
1st:  If you've been tagged, go on and get yourself a button!
2nd:  Answer the questions that are asked of you.
3rd:  Tag 5 bloggers that you love and adore.
4th:  Ask your 5 bloggers 5 questions about their Christmas traditions.

So, to answer Kera's questions (well, really Lanaya's questions, because Kera cheated and just used the same ones):

1~What makes Christmas such a special holiday for you and your family?
Christmas is special in my family for a few reasons.  One's my birthday!!!!!  Woop, woop!  Yep, it's MY day, b!tches!  Like Jesus, however; I was most likely also NOT born on Christmas Day, but it's the day we have and will always celebrate it on.  BESIDES being my birthday, it is special because we get to see extended family.  We only see parts of my extended family every other year or so, so that makes it all the more special.

2~Were you told the truth about Santa Claus by your parents or did you find out another way? you plan on lying to your kids (if you have them or plan on having them)?
Funny and true story.  My "great-uncle" (Kate's father-in-law, pictures here) used to dress up as Santa for all of us "great-nieces" and "great-nephews".  Well, one year, I noticed that he happened to always be taking a big ole crap when Santa came.  Mind you, I was WAY older than one should be to just have figured this out, but hey, no one told me he was a fake!  The Big One has already figured out that the Santas in the malls and strollin' down Main Street are fake.  We lied and told her they were helpers for the REAL Santa (because he doesn't have enough time to let every boy and girl sit on his lap), but the REAL Santa breaks into my parents house to give her gifts each Christmas...this one she thought up, because they do not have a chimney.

3~Real tree or fake tree?
I LOVE the look of real trees, but I'm quite allergic, so we have a few fake ones.  Too bad we didn't figure out I was allergic to pine until I was about 25...

4~Do you open presents on Christmas morning, Christmas Eve or both (or other)?
Well, as we have already established, my birthday is Christmas.  So, we celebrate my birthday on Christmas Eve day and I get to open gifts.  Then, the whole family opens all gifts on Christmas Day, not necessarily all completed in the morning.  One year, we started at 7:00am and didn't finish opening them until 9:00pm.  Seriously.  It wasn't a continuous stream of opening gifts, but it took that long to get through all of them.  The Big One was not yet one and she took a long time to open them.  Then, she wanted to play with all of the toys.  Then, she needed to eat breakfast.  Then, she needed a nap.  Then, she needed lunch.  Then, she needed another nap.  Then, she needed a snack.  Then, she needed dinner.  See how it took so long?  It was good, though...and memorable.

5~What is your favorite Christmas movie to watch?  Favorite Christmas song to sing or listen to?
Probably Christmas Vacation, since it's the only one I can think of besides Elf and the movie with Ralphie.  My favorite Christmas song is (this version, too):

So, onto my 5 Bloggy-Tagees:
Kate over at Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine
Jaime @ Mom's Test Kitchen
Jay from Crafty Spices
Disney Girl, Brenda
Danette of All My Love for All My Days

My 5 questions:
1~What tradition does your family partake in that is unique to your family?
2~What is your favorite Christmas dessert/treat?
3~Do you enjoy egg nog?  Spiked or regular?
4~What is your favorite Christmas song?  I only semi-stole this questions, since it was technically the 6th of Lanaya/Kera's questions.
5~Is there usually snow on the ground by your for Christmas?

Would you do me a favor and leave a comment with your link?  I'd love to read your Tag~Christmas Style post!

Merry {Early} Christmas, all!

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