Tuesday, August 20, 2013

20 Tuesdays~Week 12

My image loader is looking a little weird...so no fun week picture today :(

I caught my kid doing...

Well, I was going to write about how the Big One "painted" the wall with her poop one day; but now Little Baby may have taken the poop crown.

So, last week, I awoke to Little Baby giggling with joy.  She was SO BEYOND happy.  Giggling and letting little squeals of joy out.  I was happy she was happy and not screaming her head off.  The Hubs and I laid in bed for a few more minutes, soaking in the joy of our daughter.  OOPS!

I finally got up to take Little Baby {still squealing with joy} out of her crib to change her from overnight.  I looked in her crib and WHAT?!? did I see?  About 10 small little pea sized nuggets of brownish-greenish something-or-another on her mattress.  Instantly I knew what it was.  I felt her thigh and brought a newly soiled hand to my face.  Ugh.  She was playing with her poop.

She had it all over the mattress, the night light, the musical night light, the crib rails and her pillow {yep, we're those parents}.  I left her in the crib to wash my hands.  Went back to change her.  I grabbed her out of the crib and started to change her while the Hubs cleaned the crib and undressed the crib.

Ack.  So gross.

My original story involved the Big One, a magic wand {aka the paint brush} and toilet training gone wrong.

So, what have you caught your kiddos doing?

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