Thursday, August 8, 2013

FTSF~My Bad Habits

Finish the Sentence Fridays
I have a bad habit of...

...biting my fingernails.  Oh yes, I am a fanatic fingernail biter.  I really dislike it when they are long.  I don't like to accidentally scratch myself.  So, the second they get long, I bite them off.  It makes me frustrated when I bite them and it pulls down to the fleshy part of my nail, but that's what I get for not using a nail clippers {or at least that's what the Hubs says}.

...leaving my clothes random places.  Now, get your mind out of the gutter.  Just random at my house.  Sometimes I am sitting on the couch and my bra gets uncomfortable, so I take it off.  Not always do I wish to immediately get up and put it where it should go.  There have been times I have found a shirt or sock behind the couch a few months later.  Then I just pick it up and put it in the dirty clothes basket.  Then, it gets clean and I can wear it again.  Rarely do I go looking for random articles of clothing, but if it is something I really like {or it fits well}, I will go looking.

I wanted to thank all of you who have stopped by my blog and read my past Finish the Sentence Fridays posts {and other ones}.  This is my last week as hostess.  It has been an honor to have met you and have you visit me.  I will link up when I can in the future, but please be sure to stop by Kristi and say hi to her as your new Hostess!

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