Thursday, April 25, 2013

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I am very passionate about...  Yep.  Baseball.  It is my favorite sport.  Baseball and volleyball, but baseball is easier to follow (as it is on tv more).  I know most of you people out there don't get why the "American Past-Time" is so great, that many of you find it boring, but it's not.  Yes, there are some slow games along the way, but heck, there are 162 games for YOUR team to play.  Not to mention the games that you have to watch because they may have some bearing on the outcome of your team.

Now, to make my baseball matters even worse, I LOVE the Minnesota Twins.  Do you know who Kirby Puckett, Kent Hrbek, Bert BlylevenAJ Pierzynski, Johan Santana, Torri Hunter, Joe Mauer, and (it pains me to say) Delmon Young are?  Well, they all played with the Twins.  All of them in the beginning of their careers.  For most, we were their first shot at the "BIGS".Here's why it's hard to be a Twins fan: we get some young players with talent.  They grow on us.  We go through growing pains with them.  We support them, cheer for them, buy their jerseys, get their autographs...then, when they're just about great, we trade them for OPTIONS or some stupid prank-like move because certain powers that be won't pay the big bucks to keep them around...unless they're Joe Mauer, and I could write a whole post about him, but half of Minnesota would want to kill me then, so I withhold.

So, have you paid attention to me so far?  How can I be passionate about the ever changing face of the Minnesota Twins?  Honestly, I don't know, but I'm faithful.  There was a time when the Chicago White Sox were in my heart, but that's only because their colors went better with my choice or wardrobe and to "rebel" against my dad (that part didn't really work, because he didn't really care, he just liked that I would get excited to go to games with him).  Now that I'm back to me senses, I've married a man who loves the Yankees...MISTAKE!  His team wins a lot.  My team...well, so far this year, we're doing well, but we're not even a month in.  I'm not holding my breath, because I don't want to die.  I am hoping and rooting for a good year, but it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't.

When I look at the field and see #5 and it's not Cuddy, #2 and it's not Span, #8 and it's not Punto, #33 and it's not...WAIT, WHAT?  We're still paying that walking concussion HOW MUCH MONEY TO RIDE THE PINE?  I regress.  The face of the Twins changes every year, so part of being passionate about them is to adapt to their ever changing players.  I can hardly keep score anymore, but I do (only at games I actually GO to)!

We haven't taken the Beanie Babies to a Twins game yet (the older two went to a Saints - minor leage - game), but when we do, I plan on buying a score book and keeping score in it for all of the games that we taken them to.  I will (obviously) keep track of who is playing and the action, but I will also keep track of who goes and what they eat.  A sort of Baseball Diary.  I'm so excited!!!!!!!  I'm a dork, I know it.  It's ok to think that.  You'll get over it.

So, now you may (or may not) know why I'm passionate about the Minnesota Twins and this post is WAY better than last weeks #FTSF.  Which team do you like?  Leave it below in the comments and if it's one I can be ok with you liking, I'll hook you up with some Ms. Middle ad space.  The amount will depend on how much I like the team :)  And you don't get brownie points for choosing the Twins...sorry, that would be too easy!

Now, link up your post about what you're passionate about and come back next week!  Our sentence is:
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