Monday, April 15, 2013

to the wine lovers

Hello, my name is Dawn.  I have no idea how to like wine.  It is something that I just like or don't like?  There are so many different wines out there and I have only found one that I can drink a full glass of.  Now, this probably isn't a BAD thing, but I would like to enjoy a glass of wine with my friends.  If you know wine, please comment below and help me!

Here are the things I do NOT like in a wine:
*Dry-yuck.  I don't want it to take my breath away.
*Sour-seriously, I think that sales person was on crack.
*Strong-again, I don't want it to take my breath away.

Here are the things I DO like in a wine:
*Sweet-the sweeter the better.
*Bubbles-I know this is more along the line of a champagne, but I like 'em.
*Color-I'm partial to pinks.

So, let me know what wine you think I should try.  I'll let you know if I do!

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