Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TT~Meet Erin

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Thank you Dawn for including me in your Traveling Tuesday series. I am so
excited to share a little bit about myself with your wonderful readers!

My name is Erin and I blog over at Erin the Irish Mama. I recently fell in love with blogging and have been on a roll ever since.  I enjoy my family, friends, an ice cold beer and a good football game! 

Here’s a little bit about myself prior to blogging.  I grew up in Delaware and got engaged to my husband after only 6 short months of dating.  We married a year later on October 4, 2003 {wow almost 10 years}.  It hasn't always been easy but we are always there for one another! 

Shortly after our wedding we moved to New York City where we both lived and worked.  After three years, I discovered that I was pregnant with my first son. Shortly after I had Benjamin,  I left my job at Ralph Lauren so I could stay home and raise my boys in the suburbs of New Jersey.  19 Months after having Ben, we welcomed our second son, Sean.  We still live in New Jersey and my husband continues to commute to New York City every day for work so I can stay at home and raise our boys!  

I always wonder if I am doing a good job at raising the boys.  I try my best but sometimes I feel like I am failing.  I guess all mothers feel that way every now and then, right?   It is a very hard job but worth it when you hear a giggle fit from your kids.  I mean 4 hours of fighting and screaming somehow gets erased when you hear them getting along and playing together {even if it is just for 20 seconds}. 

I started my blog about 5 years ago when I got pregnant with Benjamin. My father was dying of cancer and I wanted to document some of my pregnancy so he could see it.  I kept it up for quite a while after Benjamin was born and my father passed away.  But I stopped blogging regularly because life got way too busy with two boys under the age of two.   

About 8 months ago I decided that I wanted to do something when the boys were in school, so I started posting once again.  I haven't stopped since.  I wanted to document some of the crazy that happens in my house and it just sort of went from there.  

I hope that you guys enjoy reading my page, make sure that you stop on by and visit me at any of my links below! 

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I am always doing giveaways, reviews,
sharing pictures of my two crazy boys. Plus, you will want to stay tuned with Erin the Irish Mama because I will be revealing a new site design real soon.  Thanks to my friend Andrea over at A Kay Web Designs, I am so excited to launch the new page and move everything over to

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