Thursday, May 9, 2013

#FTSF~my summer plans

Finish the Sentence Fridays
Do you remember the rules?
This summer I plan to...
Have a lot of fun.  I know, that's ambiguous, but it's my plan!  We have a few stay/va-cations planned.  It's so exciting when all of your summer vacations equal going to your parents house.  But, hey!  It's better than staying at home.

The Big One has some plans.  She's the only one with a "life" in this household.  She is signed up for summer school (which for a Kindergartner, I guess this is exciting), Summer Reading Camp (again, apparently, this is a good thing at age Kindergartner), and some already scheduled play-dates.  How did I let MY life get SO dictated by my children...wait, just ONE child.  Lord help me when they ALL have sh!t to do in the summer, or during the school year.  We have already promised one after school activity and softball next year.  Yea, I'm excited for that.

Ms. Middle has one play-date scheduled in conjunction with one of the Big Ones.  Little Baby doesn't have any individual plans...'cuz she's ONE.  I have no plans, because I'm a looser and all of my friends live in FAR, FAR AWAY land (which shouldn't be SO bad because JT would be there and that always makes my life better).  So, if any of you live by me, my summer is basically free and I have three Beanie Babies that want does Mommy.

Now that my pathetic post and cry for friends is complete, don't forget to come back next week!  Our sentence is:
When I was younger, I wanted to...

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