Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Hi folks! I'm amanda and I blog over @ raspberry beige. I am wife to hubster {the most patient man on Earth}, mama to junior {and one on the way}, and a first grade teacher. I've been blogging a little over a year now and love it. It's my therapy//outlet//self-improvement//humor all rolled into one. I have loved getting to know other bloggers out there and learning from them!

Disclaimer: Please excuse the photo taken in my car courtesy of Instagram. I do not enjoy taking pictures of myself and had like 3 to choose from. So there ya go.

I will be honest... when I usually see 'guest posts' {or something similar} in a blog post title, I usually think 'heavens to betsy I can't read another one'. So I will do my best to rid those thoughts from your brain.

I love to laugh. Humor is great, especially sarcasm. Seriously, it's my therapy. I laugh at myself quite frequently. As do other people. This may be why...

  • I once drove my car into one of those big, tall, cement light poles. In an empty parking lot. At 7:30 in the morning. I then continued to drive to my destination at 15 mph with parts hanging off my car. Genius.
  • I am the clumsiest person on earth. I have scars on my arm from burning myself with a curling iron and cutting myself on a fridge door. Didn't think that was possible? Apparently fridges are deathly sharp.
  • On the way to my first date with hubster a buggy, yes a horse and buggy {without a driver}, ran me off the road. Four hispanic men proceeded to help push me out of the ditch. Great first impression.
  • In college, my only B was in Oral Comm. Pretty much the easiest class on campus. Apparently I just should not talk to people. Ever.
  • Two of the movies I used to watch the most: Mary Poppins and Mr. Bean. C-O-O-L. I just won't tell you at what age I stopped.
Impressed? You should be. Stop on over at my lil' old blog and enjoy laughing at my life some more. I don't mind.

In case that didn't entice you, I have pictures of my son who happens to be the cutest kid ever. Plus, I have a post called 'pukeballs'. Amazing.

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