Friday, December 6, 2013

BLEAGH! and BLEAGH and BLEEP! * KidLit Blog Hop! **Giveaway

I am so excited to be participating in this great Kid Lit Blog Hop again this year!  It goes along with my Gift Guide so perfectly.  Renee {of Mother Daughter Book Reviews} graciously hooked me up with another great author this year.

Meet Leana.  The wonderful author of "BLEAGH!" and "BLEAGH and BLEEP!"

BLEAGH! is a little, blue, fury monster who goes to his first day at a new school.  He is scared so he acts out.  At first, the children are frightened, but they realize BLEAGH is just trying to figure out the correct way to act in new surroundings.  The children helped BLEAGH figure out the best way to act and helped him get along with them.  They taught him values.

In the second book, BLEAGH and BLEEP!, you meet BLEEP, BLEAGH's sister.  It's amazing how smart little girls are {right?}  Both the Big One and Ms Middle loved her character.  They clung to her like she was Little Baby!  They focused more on her than BLEAGH.  I think the color and intelligence has a lot to do with it.

We all loved the colors in each book.  The Beanie Babies were very attracted to BLEEP in the second book.  The story in both books was simple enough that Ms Middle was able to relate to the different scenarios.  The Big One also helped by giving a few examples for her as well.

The Big One:  Mom, this was a great book.  Can we get a "real" one?
Ms Middle:  I like Bleep.  She my favorite.

The whole family enjoyed both of these books.  They were good because they engaged all three Beanie Babies, they were beautifully illustrated and they told a great story.  You should check them out.  They also made a great gift.  Especially since you can buy the eVersion and get it right away!

You can purchase BLEAGH! HERE and BLEAGH and BLEEP! HERE.

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