Monday, December 30, 2013

How to Transfer your site from Blogger to Wordpress - 50% off plus free giveaway

    Do your Own Blogger to Wordpress site transfer easily and cheaply with this E-course from Moms Make Money I’m delighted to be able to introduce myself today and thank you Dawn for having me as your guest. I’m probably new to most of you so let’s say hello with just a brief introduction. My online life started out with my sewing blog at So Sew Easy just a little over a year ago. I never intended really for anything to come of it. It was just little old me trying to learn to sew and having some fun with blogging along the way. But I soon attracted a good number of visitors and my site started to grow. Site growth in the first 6 months from So Sew Easy 

I had noticed advertising and product recommendations on other blogs and wondered what they were making, but it was really hard to find out. Hardly anyone shares this kind of information. I decided to give it a go for myself and was amazed at how well it did in just a few short months and I really started to earn a small income from my site. Other bloggers wrote to me for advice and information and I started to share what I was learning, and earning. Soon there were so many bloggers contacting me it made sense for me to start a second site and so Moms Make Money was born and its here that I share what I learn and what schemes I trial for making money from blogging. I throw in a few blogging tips, love to have guests sharing their tips too and every month I show that I've earned from blogging, what worked out and what didn't. Since then, I've helped a lot of new bloggers get online and start their own sites. One big area where I get a lot of questions is concerning the best blogging platform. Should a serious blogger, looking to earn money from their site use Blogger or Wordpress. Although there may be a few exceptions, you'll generally see that the most successful bloggers out there are not using Blogger, and for very good reason. I had my own horrifying experience with blogger which you can read about in my Google Horror Story. Take note of this story - it's one of the many reasons why making the move to Wordpress could be the best thing you ever did for your blogging future and success. Blogger-to-wordpress 

BUT, if you have an established site on Blogger, making the move to Wordpress isn't easy. There are services out there who will carry out the transfer for you, but generally you'll find these in the $99-$299 range. That's not always in the budget of a small blogger. You can find information online but my own experience shows much of it to be incomplete, out of date, poorly written or even downright wrong or misleading! So to help out my own readers, and bloggers everywhere looking to make the move, I carried out extensive research into the process and tried and tested this over a couple of months while making the move from Blogger to Wordpress for more than 20 sites. I perfected not only the easiest way but also the quickest, safest and cheapest way to move your existing Blogger site over to Wordpress without even any site downtime. It can be done, it's not hard, just requires that you carry out certain small steps in the right order. In my online Transfer your Blogger site to Wordpress e-course, I take your through a real transfer from Blogger to Wordpress in real time. I show my screen and all the steps I take, all cut down into small and easy to understand lessons. You can see me make the small steps on my own computer and then you do the same for your site with the same great results! It's not rocket science!     The course shows you:

  • How to buy your domain name and hosting account and get yourself set up on the web (50% off hosting voucher included)
  • How to set up and customise your own Wordpress site
  • How to add plugins and extra functions and keep your site safe
  • How to move over your content, posts, pages, comments and widgets from Blogger
  • The best ways to ensure your readers all come with you to the new site
  • How to redirect search engines so they know where to find you
  • How to complete the redirection so old posts magically direct to the same post on the new site
  • How to use Wordpress so you can be up and running quickly
Usually this course costs $37, but as a super-special-offer for Dawn's readers, I am offering a 50% off discount! Making the whole e-course just $18.50.
USE CODE DAWNSDISASTER at checkout to claim your 50% off.
  I'm also delighted to offer one lucky reader the chance to take the course and move their blog from Blogger to Wordpress absolutely free in the giveaway below.
  I wish you all luck in the giveaway, and hope you'll sign up for the Blogger to Wordpress Transfer e-course and join me in blogging on Wordpress soon!

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