Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Secret Santa Is...

About a month ago, a few bloggy friends decided to start a Secret Santa between the 7 of us.  Someone drew names and sent us the information for the gal-pal we were to send out gifts to.

When I received the package in the mail, I was confused {because as I had sent mine out late, she had sent hers out early}.  I thought to myself, "Self, who are we expecting a package from?  From BzzAgent?  From Smiley360?  From Influenster?"  No, wasn't expecting anything from them.  "Could it be the book I'm waiting to review?"  No, that came through email {which is a bummer because it takes me so much longer to read those}.

I tore open the package and pulled the contents out.  WHAT?!?  It's something with my Second Husband in/on it?!?  Had he found out that I am going to marry him and sent me an early wedding present?  Who knows me SO well that they knew anything from my Second Husband could make me smile for a week?  JANINE did!  Man I HEART this woman!  Check out how well my Secret Santa knows me!

So now that you know what I received, check out Sara to see what I sent her!  Also, stop by these great ladies to see what their Secret Santa sent them!

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