Thursday, December 19, 2013

Have You Met Rosey?

Have you met Rosey?  She's the blogger behind Mail 4 Rosey and one of my co-hosts for Super Sunday Sync!  She's also one of my great sponsors for December.

Dawn's Disaster {DD}: What is your name? 
Mail 4 Rosey {M4R}: Rosey
DD: What is the name of your blog/store/company?
DD: Who inspires you while blogging?
M4R: The other bloggers I 'meet' online inspire me.
DD: What is your favorite sport?  
M4R: Football's the big thing in our house, and I like it too.  
DD: Thing to eat? 
M4R: I like Butternut Squash, not cooked, thinly sliced and very cold.  That's my favorite thing to snack on.
{What?  Not cooked?  Strange...but I'll have to try it!}
DD: When did you start blogging? 
M4R:  One year ago last summer.
DD: Where is your favorite place? 
M4R: Home
{Mine, too!}
DD: Why did you start blogging? 
M4R: I started because I enjoyed reading what others were putting out there.

DD: Do you have kids?  I have four...
DD: What age(s)? Two are grown, one teen, and a Kindergartner.

We hope you had fun meeting Rosey, we sure did.  Be sure to stop by her blog and say "hi" and enter in some of her great giveaways {but none I want to win, ok?}!

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