Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1, 2013

Welcome to my Holiday Gift Guide {2013 edition}.

This year, we will bring you a gift {almost} each day for 23 days.  Not only will we have gifts for Mommies and your Beanie Babies, but also for Daddies.  We hope that you enjoy our suggestions!
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I know you have seen postings about Mabel's Labels on here before, but this one is different.  It is straight from MY heart.  With two Beanie Babies being in school this year, it is getting harder to keep everything separate.  There are two art homework projects, two fund raiser programs, two back packs full of crap, two writing homework assignments...the list seems like it goes on for ever!

Well, a gift I am getting myself this year is a large order from Mabel's Labels.  As was mentioned before, we have had sponsored posts from them before, and I have wanted to check them out.  Until now, we weren't able to check them out.  This year, I am going to invest in:

These are the "Personalized Sticky Labels".  They have this great widget so you can build and see the labels right away.  While they say that the colors may vary, it's not like they're going to give you yellow instead of blue!

I also really like the Iron-on Labels.  This may be something we will invest in next year.  Since I would only use these on the external clothing {I mean, come on, they are going to wear their clothing to school, so I really shouldn't have to label those...right?} I think one order of each name will last a few years.

They also provide great Holiday Return Address Labels.  Oh, and did I mention Free Shipping at Mabel's Labels?  What a great deal!

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Now, let's start this Gift Guide off with a little Giveaway.  Nothing extravagant, but in honor of my InstaShop opening TODAY {follow @dawns_disaster, use #theDisastrousShop to search my items}, I will be giving away 2 Free Shipping Coupons and 2 Free Lip Balms {4 winners}!
Enter away!

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