Monday, January 21, 2013

Are You in College?

Have you heard of CampusBookRentals?  Well, they have this fab-o collegiate book rental system.  Need a text book and don't want to pay $400.00 for it?  Try their rental program.  Save up to 90% by renting your textbooks!  CampusBookRentals offers free shipping both to your and for your return.  They offer flexible renting periods, so it will correlate with your semester/quarter schedule.  Live customer support.  You can even highlight in their book, like you own it!

Check this out:
I searched for a Laboratory book on their site.  It rents for $24.98.  It isn't due until May 15th.  I changed my due date to June 15th and the rental fee changed to $33.07 (not bad for an additional month).  Now, I found that book on another website and it was $95.55 to buy.  Why buy for three times as much?

Now see how it works:

What's even more fab-o about CampusBookRentals is that they donate to Operation Smile.  With EACH rental, they make a donation.  They also have a scholarship program to help other students and communities be more enriched.

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