Thursday, January 3, 2013

Guest-Hosting~Twitter Thursday!

Wow!  I'm so excited that Tami Marie is having me as one of her Guest-Hosts!  How fun :)  It seems like just yesterday I didn't know how to Twitter AT ALL, and had cursed it to all get out.  Now look at me ;)  It's not that hard!  Who would have known?

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It's round eleven of the I Love My Online Friends Twitter Hop. What is a 'Twitter Hop' you may ask? It's pretty much along the lines of a Blog Hop, except we are sharing our Twitter pages. A Twitter hop allows users to share their Twitter pages for the main purpose of finding new Twitter pages to follow and friend.

So, now that you understand the gist of this hop, let's get to hopping shall we?

1. Follow your host and guest hosts via Twitter. 


2. Link up your Twitter page (NOT your blog) and start hopping around. Remember, the meme is called a Twitter hop, you've gotta do some hopping in order for it to truly be worth your time. When you get a new follower it's always nice to return the favour.

Thanks and Happy Hopping!

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