Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, bloggy friends!  It's 2013, in case you haven't noticed.
Well, so far this year, I've already joined a weight loss group on FB.  Let's see how long that last for!  I really should get some use of the treadmill just sitting there, longingly only a few moments from my touch.  BUT, I refuse to get up off my fat @** to make that happen...at least for now.
So...my top 3 resolutions for this year:
1)  Loose some weight.  I hope that you will see a lot of weight loss posts on my blog this year.  I really need to get some of this baby gush gone.  Seriously, it needs to go.  My main issue is now gone. We will be having no more babies.  Since my thought process was, "well, we might have another, so what's the point when I'm just going to get more tummy?"  Now, that we're done, I can't use that as an excuse anymore.
2)  Spend more QUALITY time with the Beanie Babies.  They need more attention.  More GOOD attention.  I think The Big One has been acting out a little for attention, but that comes to a halt now.  I'm implementing a new QUALITY TIME STANDARD in my household.  Starting 44 minutes ago.  I have yet to figure out all the details, but I will...and then I'll post about it.
3)  Get more money.  Duh, you know you want it, too!
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