Saturday, September 22, 2012

5 Laughs 9/22 Edition

1)  So, my issues with the button are still occurring, but the funny is how long it took me to "copy and paste" the picture!  Almost 10 minutes!  Ugh, I must be sleeping.  (link up is at The Mommyhood Chronicles)
2)  I picked The Big One up from Kindergarten and she told me a Kangaroo had passed out compasses to all the kids in her class because he was concerned that they would all get lost {since they were all 5 year olds}.  The Kangaroo also told her to go online to fill out some exercise form.  Still haven't gone online to see what the whole exercise thing is about, but we later learned that the "Kangaroo" was actually a really tall least she's tall to me.
3)  Little Baby is learning to crawl.  She's SO cute.  She does the little "push-ups" to "army crawling" to "airplane mode".  She gets irritated when we try to help her, of when her sisters ditch her...that would piss me off, too!
4)  Little Baby (again) tried to eat some Combos the other day.  Ms. Middle left her zipper bag on the ground (on the crawling blanket) and Little Baby made her way over to it.  She picked it up, looked at it and smacked her little lips.  She put both hands on the bag, but couldn't quite figure out how to pull the two sides apart.  I could hear her thinking, "I know you open it like this...almost there...almost...alllllmmmoooooossssst!"
5)  This one I already posted about, it's my new here :)