Friday, September 14, 2012

I Sent In My Application for Blogger Idol!

Blogger Idol

Wow!  I'm excited that I just sent in my application for the 2012 Blogger Idol!  Let's cross our fingers that I get picked in the 12, make that 13 contestant competition!  Here's a snip of my audition:

I love being a new school mom!  My only wish is that I could be MORE involved.  Each school day, I drop The Big One off at school, take The Hubs to work and play around with Ms. Middle and Little Baby.  The Big One has only had nine days of school and is already “over” school.  She claimed we “have too much fun without her” and she “ doesn't want to go to school and miss the fun anymore.”  She was none too pleased when I told her she had about 20 more YEARS of schooling.