Saturday, September 22, 2012

Squeeze Me? My Shoes Do What?!?

So, I went to a store yesterday.  I intended on purchasing training pants for Ms. Middle and toilet paper.  I walked out with a new pair of shoes.  I couldn't resist!  They were ONLY $5.98!  Now, don't get too excited ladies, I wear a size 5.5 or 6 in boys tennis shoes :)

We were getting ready to go out for the morning and I sat down to put on my new shoes.  Ms. Middle said, "you shoes up like mine, Mommy."  I said, "no, honey, Mommy's shoes don't light up like yours."  She said, "YES, Mommy, yes they do!"  I said, "no, Mommy didn't buy light up shoes."  She pointed at my shoes and said, "YES MOMMY, LIGHT UP!"  I started to say, "no, honey..." and stomped my foot to make a point that nothing lit up...much to my dismay, the darned things DO light up!!!!  The orange part on the heel sure does light up when you walk.

Ms. Middle {oh so sweetly} said, "I told you so, Mommy.  I knew you shoes light up" with a smug little smile on her face.

Come to find out, she had played with the shoes at the store while I was trying on a pair of other shoes.  That sounded like this:
MM:  I play shoes, store.  Yea, I play shoes store.  Mommy, my play shoes light up, you play shoes green.