Tuesday, September 4, 2012

GAH! It's Starting!

The Big One has Kindergarten Orientation today.  I am so happy and excited for her, yet so sad and already lonely!  I think Ms. Middle will really miss having her around for that time.  The Big One is only doing half day this year, so it won't be too much separation time, but I'm still sad.

I will be driving and picking her up every school day.  This seems like a lot, and I was a little bummed at first, but now I'm happy I am driving her.  We were always a little nervous about her riding the bus with the older kids (it is a K-5 school, so not as bad as a K-8 ~ like I went to ~ or a K-12).  Now, we know we made the right decision, because she would be the ONLY Kindergartner on the bus.  All of the other Kindergartners are going to school at a different time, so she would be the lone littlest.

We haven't had any school time, or time away from the family before, so this will be a large challenge for all of the family...except the Hubs.  He's at work, so it doesn't really do anything to his schedule.  The younger two haven't been away from The Big One, except for the occasional trip to Grandma's without them, but that wasn't more than 5 days.  Now, this will probably be easier than that was, as she will only be gone part of the day, however; it will be for a lot more days!

My fear is that she will not make any friends.  She has been looking forward to meeting new little kids for SO long.  She has also decided to become more demanding, commanding, and dictator-like with Ms. Middle, so I am fearful that she will take this persona to school and no one will like her and she will get into trouble all the time.  Her ability to listen and take direction (not that it was great to begin with) has seemed to go out the window as summer comes to a close.  I'm sure her teacher will like that...

Don't all parents want their kids to succeed and be liked?  I feel like I am more obsessive than others.  I've heard it gets better as the year goes on and with the successive children, but I don't think it will.