Friday, September 14, 2012

I Forgot Jesus' Head...

Yep, this is what our Prayer Journals have come down to.  The Big One said she was done coloring her prayer for the night, then looked up shocked and said, "Mom, I forgot Jesus' head!  Uh, what does it look like again?"

We went through this quandary on Monday (when she gave Jesus 6 fingers on each hand because his hands are bigger than hers).  She wanted to know what Jesus looked like, so she could color him.  I asked her what she thought he looked like.  She said she didn't know.  We went through all features again tonight, and she colored him in her heart.

While the outcome is cute, it took a lot to get there.  This makes me think about what Pastors (Preachers, Deacons, and whatever else you call the leader of your church) all go through.  They must have to allow every one of their members to decide what Jesus looks like.  How tiring would this be?  Now, it may not be as contrite as my conversation, but they must need to ask everyone the same things.  It may not be: "what color hair does Jesus have?" or "what color eyes do you think Jesus has?" or even "what color skin does Jesus have?", but don't you think it would get tiring to ask everyone the same questions?  How many people do you think actually have thought provoking answers?  Probably not many.

So...what do you think Jesus looks like?