Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Song That Reminds Me of Somewhere

Day 6 ~ Somewhere is quite relative.  I wasn't sure if it was intended for a certain city or landmark or somewhere famous, but I went with JUST SOMEWHERE.

This song reminds me of being at an old job.  My boss was always joking about how Rascal Flatts were always "flat" and that's why their name was what it is (when really, they are not flat, they're sharp on most of their higher notes because dude is SO nasal).  The weird part of this "somewhere" is I don't even remember the conversation, just that this song reminds me of it.  Anyhow, my boss (ex-boss) had been dumped and this song came on.  It reminded him of his ex.  Now it will forever remind me of the day we talked about what a douche his ex is and how this song was the worst song ever to have to listen to after being cheated on.