Thursday, October 18, 2012


F - Four Friends: I have only four, so "F" seemed fitting :)  All but one stood up for the Hubs and I at our wedding.  I only knew the forth for about five months before we got married, so I didn't that it was appropriate to ask her.  Looking back, maybe I should have, after all, we are still good friends...and I only have four.

It is amazing how one determines how many people they will have in their lives.  I look at my mother and see  her with all of these people in her life.  Some days, I am envious, most days, not.  It is SO much work to be a good friend.  A majority of the people she is friends with now, she has known for my entire life.  We're talking a lot of 30+ year long friendships.  Of that part, I am envious.  The other stuff, remembering people's kids' names, birthdays, comforting them when sad or going through a family crisis...those days I can live without.  Maybe I am too selfish of a person?  Maybe I require too much in return?  Either way, I hope that I can keep these four people close to me and make more friends someday.