Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you SO much to Tricia over at Today with the Tennerys for nominating me for this award!  How exciting  :)  Over the past few weeks, I feel a connection there...I hope the feeling is mutual.  Maybe this award means it is?  Ok, on to the nitty-gritty of the award~

Rules to follow:
*Include the blog award in your post (check)
*Thank the person who nominated you (check)
*Nominate 5 people and let them know you have done so
*Tell 7 random things about yourself

...and the NOMINEES ARE:
Kera @ Nugget on a Budget (cuz she's my bloggy BFF)
Danielle @ Diary of a BreastFeeding Mama (cuz her struggles are real and she's doing great)
Renee @ Mother Daughter Book Reviews (anyone who loves books enough to do a blog deserves an award or two)
Desirae @ The Not so Ugly Duckling (she's an amazing new mama and blog designer)
Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk (because I like the name and she has good posts)

7 Random Things About Me:
1.  I think people who wear socks more than once are gross.  As you know, I do not like feet.  Therefore, anyone who puts on dirty, worn socks are gross.  You know how your socks have a preferred foot?  Well, listen to your socks and put the left one on your left foot and the right one on your right foot.  Don't try to be Superman/Superwoman and think it'll be ok.  No!  You toes will be made at you that the seam is rubbing on them and they will make you pay for it!  Enough about feet.  I could do a whole month about feet and my distaste for them...maybe November...
2.  Outside is NOT my favorite place to be.  Not anywhere specific, just outside in general.  I like the breezes and I like the light the sun provides, but I am not an outdoor person.  Obviously, I go outside and spend a good amount of time out there with the Beanie Babies, but not alone.  Don't get me started on camping.  Ick!
3.  Going anywhere on time is no longer going to happen.  I used to be so good at being placed on time, and even early.  After this third kid, I don't think early will ever happen again.  We're almost out the door and someone forgot something.  Then, we're almost out the door again, and someone else forgot something else. I even try to get ready an hour before the time we need to leave.  Still, no luck most times.
4.  It would be nice if someone would teach me how to make those cute hair bows.  I used to be crafty, then I had kids.  Now, my creativity has gone out the window.  Oops!
5.  The cat needs to go.  She's SO old.  I love her, but she's SO old and she just IS.  I mean, there's really no other way to explain her.  She doesn't interact with anyone anymore.  She isn't nice to the Beanie Babies. I mean, she isn't mean either, she just ignores them.  They want so much to pet her or have her play catch/fetch with them, but she just looks at them like they are crazy.  Lazy butt.
6.  Grey's Anatomy and White Collar are my two favorite shows.  I'm home to watch them.  I don't miss them.  I can watch White Collar episodes over and over and over and over and over and over...  I don't rewatch too many Grey's episodes, but I don't I need to watch it when it comes on.
7.  My favorite food is cheese.  It goes on everything.  It makes everything better.  Need I say more?