Saturday, October 13, 2012

Linky Lists #1

Ok, fun lists of somewhat random stuff.  

First of all, I need some ideas, so please leave your comments to help a girl out.

Second, rules.  Do we really need rules?  I guess they make the world turn, so here they are:  Post about the Linky List topis.  Grab a button and put it in your post.  Tell others.  Easy?  Yep!

For the FIRST Linky List, lets do {drum roll please}:
List your Top Three Teachers and why.

1.  Neil Anderson~He was my 9th grade Civic teacher.  I will never forget him.  I talked about him in my 30 Day Challenge already, but he was a great teacher.  Openness is something that I value and think of as an amazing trait when you are in certain professions.  Teaching is one.  There are so many teachers out there that are too constrictive and conservative.  This man shared his life with us.  How many [male] teachers do you know that will tell you about their experience with anorexia?  I'm not talking about how many [girls] he advised about what to do or how to get over it, but HIS PERSONAL experience.  How my class got on the subject eludes me, but the fact that he shared and helped my with my health presentation is amazing...did I say he helped with my presentation?  I meant he gave it...he was the speaker I found.
2.  Dave McGowan~Now, he's a bit off the beaten path, but when I was in college, he was the professor to have.  He is an Atheist.  Sort of a hard feat to be Atheist and teach in a Catholic college.  Dale taught Music Theory and directed choirs and some other stuff I don't remember.  Wait, yep, the class I loathe: The Reflective Woman {aka: The DESTRUCTIVE Woman}.  Apparently there is a curriculum the professors are supposed to follow.  Needless to say, Dale did not.  Unfortunately for me, I got a crazy-strict Catholic who didn't like my UCC, "modern-esk" views.  I think I was lucky to get a C in that crap-tastic class.
3.  Laura-Leigh Madson~My 4th Grade teacher.  She was an older teacher, but great.  It was a strange year for me.  I was the tallest and missed a decent portion of the beginning part of the year due to strep (my friend and I passed is back and forth; our other friend was found to be the carrier).  She really felt that everyone needed to learn and she would teach at whatever cost.  She also taught us basic American Sign Language, which prompted me to want to teach music to the deaf (hence the minor in ASL in college).

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