Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Have No Inspirational Title Today

Thank you Menopausal Mother for another One Lovely Blog Award!  I love getting awards, even when I have to name off random facts about myself.  It has gotten to be a task, what with the 30 Day Challenge and the other awards, but let's see.

So, for those of you who are receiving, the rules are as follows:
1) Copy the award picture and put on your post.
2) Thank and link the blogger who gave you the award.
3) List 7-15 random things about yourself (I'm going with 7)
4) Nominate 5 deserving blogs, list and link them on your post and tell them they've won!

My Random Things:
1) Diet Coke Rocks
2) I love Grey's Anatomy and White Collar
3) I'm addicted to SongPop
4) The laundry needs to get done so I have some clean "granny panties" and can get the "dental floss" out my @**
5) My husband hates that I blog
6) Past Dawn worked at a body-care store and a make-up counter for a total of four years, I have a ton of make-up and never wear it
7) Bed time is between 1am and 4am, depending on how much I didn't get done during the day

My Nominees Are:
2) BreAnna @ Peacoats and Plaid
4) Jillian @ Hi!  It's Jilly
5) Sarah-Louise @ Life in a Breakdown