Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Traveling Tuesdays ~ Meet Susan

Happy Tuesday All!  I am so excited to be bringing you a new "segment" here at Dawn's Disaster.  I contacted a few bloggy friends and asked if they would like to help me out with a few guest posts.  Guess what?  They said YES!  So starting today, I have a new Tuesday...Let's go with...Traveling Tuesdays!  

Dawn’s Disaster

This is a great way for me to learn more about my bloggy friends and to help promote their blog.  So, once you're read their fantastic post, stop by their blog and leave them a note.  Tell 'em you stopped by from Dawn's Disaster :)  If you'd like to be a part of my Traveling Tuesdays, give me a holler or stop by my contact page!

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Hi! My name is Susan and I am guest posting from MadebyMommainPA.

Today I am going to share with y'all a retro skinny tee pattern that I developed for my little guy who wears a 3T. I've made a pattern but it is pretty easy to draft your own if you need a bigger or smaller size.

If you would like to replicate this design here is my directions (in pictures of course!)

And that is it! Seriously easy, right??

One teensie change if you serge the sleeve to the shirt body-snip off the small tab at the top. I used 1/4" hem allowance the second time when I serged and it needed snipped. The first draft I used 5/8" hem allowance. It's up to you; some old habits die hard (the big four pattern companies use 5/8").

A special THANK YOU to Dawn for letting me guest post on her blog today!