Monday, March 11, 2013

are they necessary?

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MommyCubed: The Most Useless Baby Items

The two items that I think are THE MOST USELESS baby items out there are these.  I mean, really?  Your baby doesn't know it should toss it's cookies on this three-four inch wide space.  It's going to chuck all over you.  No matter how much you try to turn your baby's head, you're going to get spit up on you.  You know what?  That's what is supposed to happen anyway.  You're the mom, you're supposed get thrown up on.

The other is a car bottle warmer.  The concept is good, but the dang thing takes SO long to heat up.  The one we had said it took 5 minutes to warm a bottle to room temperature.  Really?  5 minutes?  My kid would be dead from screaming her lungs out by then!  Not worth it.  She can just drink cold bottles.

I hope you share your thoughts on THE MOST USELESS BABY ITEMS and link up with MBH!!

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