Wednesday, March 13, 2013

beauty box 5

First off, what a CUTE box.  
I am so excited that I am able to do a review of Beauty Box 5.
 am an affiliate of Share-A-Sale.  When I saw that they had Beauty Box 5 as one of their participants, I was so excited.  I mean, who doesn't love getting new make up?  Especially if it comes directly to you in a CUTE little box each month.  So, let’s open her up and see what we've received!!
What a fantastic arrangement of products.  I love the “Thank you” card that they send with the box.  Now-a-days, people don’t really thank you for making a purchase, they just think that you should.  It was a nice surprise that I saw when I first opened the box.

I loved the white sheer powder, by Ferro.  I put just a little bit on my cheeks the other night and the Big One asked me why I was SO sparkly.  She asked if she could sear some to school the next day, because her best friend would be jealous of her beautiful, sparkly cheeks.
Mascara isn't something I generally use, as my eyelashes are BEYOND short, straight and coarse, but I tried this one on.  It was a little hard, since my lashes point downward (and are too short to curl), but I did notice a thickness about them.  I applied 2.5 coats.  The .5 coat is because I was interrupted mid-coat on the last one.  The Beanie Babies were having “melt-down” (as The Hubs says) and needed to get some space from one another.

This nice loose-powder eye shadow really accented the lower part of my lid. Since I’m Korean, I have those ‘fun’ Asian shaped eyes **rolls eyes**.  I applied it to the lower portion of my upper eye lid (when it folds under), but you could easily see where I was making my fax-crease.  It was a little darker than I am used to (since I've been naked of make up for a bit now), but I thought it was beautiful.  I think the next time I use these items, I’ll put the sheer powder OVER my eye color to have it shine a bit more.

The final two items included were both “smelly-good” products.  This one is a roll-on perfume, with the scent of Cherry Blossoms.  It is a nice and light floral scent.  The applicator was easy to use and glided on easily.  The scent lasted about all work day long.
The other scent is a solid perfume.  “Rosebud Salve”.  It smells SO good.  I could sear this all the time.  I almost couldn't take a good clean picture because I wanted to take a “swipe” out and put it right on!

 had a fantastic time writing this review for Beauty Box 5 and hope that I can do another one sometime!  I hope that you all will want to try out Beauty Box 5.  If so, be sure to mention that I sent you over from Dawn’s Disaster!

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