Thursday, March 14, 2013

#FTSF I did something really stupid

Finish the Sentence Fridays

Do you remember the rules?
I did something really stupid once, I...

Well, I do a lot of dumb things, so I'm just going to do this one list-style:

*Fell UP the stairs while pregnant, bringing groceries in, while watching some stupid kid climb my apartment garage (the ones I managed) to get a balloon off the roof~and the darned thing was about to get blown off by the wind anyhow.

**Burnt the whole right side of my torso with scalding hot water because the Big One asked me a question.  It's really a lot easier than it sounds.  She asked me a question while I was draining some bratwursts, so I turned to face her, so I could hear her better, and my whole body turned.  OOPS!  I had to go to the hospital and have them look at my burn.  They put some burn soothing cream on, which I happened to me allergic to.  The worst part is, when I went to my regular doctor, he said they should have known NOT to put that cream on because I told them I was allergic to penicillin.

***Forget to spell check and re-read a post for my blog...because I'm so excited to get it out...then I say things like, "I likes the happy bread" instead of likeD.  Duh.

****Smashed my wedding ring in the door by OPENING it.  I guess I opened it too hard and tried to catch it from slamming against the wall.  Apparently, the metal is dense and bent like a mo-fo.

*****Using the term "mo-fo" like other people know what I'm saying.

So, what did you do that wasn't so smart?  Write a quick post and link it on up!  Then, remember to come back next week when our sentence is:
One time when I was bored out of my mind, I...

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