Thursday, July 11, 2013

Five Among Friends~Week 4

Five Among Friends
This week's questions are brought to you by: Jay from Crafty Spices.

1. What is your favorite holiday and why
My favorite holiday is Christmas.  Why?  Because it's my birthday. 
2. Do you have a spacial or favorite cartoon or cartoon character 
My favorite Cartoon character is Hello Kitty and I'm so excited that the Beanie Babies LOVE her too!
3. What was or you think will be your reaction on the first day of school for your first born 
Well, this already happened for me, this past fall.  The Big One stepped in to the school-age!  It was really scary.  My reaction was...TEARS.  Of course.  I was so glad to see her getting the socialization that she needed, but sad that she was grown up!  You can read more HERE, if you would like.
4. What’s your preference: Swimming pool or beach and why
Swimming pool is my preference.  Why?  Because there is no sand to get up you-know-where and irritate me.  The Beanie Babies prefer the beach, so they can dig in the sand.  Generally, I will not swim at the beach, unless there is more than one adult, but I feel fine at a pool.  I think because it is confined...and has measured places, so I know how far out the Beanies can and should not go.
5. How do you schedule your blog post and do you use any type of system
I schedule my blog posts when I think of them,  I schedule my hops when I remember to.  Yep, I forget until the last second a lot...sorry co-hosts!  I am trying to get better and have a whole new schedule that will be laid out in the coming months.  My new schedule will be fully up and running by September, but the last change will happen in October, because 20 Tuesdays goes until then.  My only system is my brain, so it pretty much sucks.

Sorry about the late posting this week, as I just said, I rely on my brain to remember for now, so it's late.  I'll be better about next week, as I am starting on that for Monday NOW!

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