Thursday, July 18, 2013

FTSF~I Learned This in Church

Finish the Sentence Fridays
In church, I learned to...

...wear pajamas in public.  Yep, I was one of those kids at church.  I was SO cool, I only had to roll out of bed a bless my church with my presence.  Really though, it wasn't just me.  It was my whole confirmation class... country music.  I was really into this guy for, like, ever; and he really liked country music.  So, I learned to love it.  And Jesus.  Well, I already did that, but he loved Jesus, so I loved Jesus.

...sing and wash dishes with a commercial grade dish washer (and touch really flipping hot plates).  Because when I was in youth group, we actually had to work at our fundraisers to earn the money for our trips and fun activities.  So, the part of the fundraisers we all loved the most is the clean up.  Setting up was second best, but people were always late and it was rushed, so not as fun.  The clean up, especially when we could drive, was great.  We would stay there for HOURS after the event, doing the dishes and cleaning the community rooms.  Good times.

...not swear in public.  Yep.  The first time I decided to swear was not only in church (it wasn't in the Sanctuary, it was in Fellowship Hall, but yeah, I know...bad me); but also in front of my mother.  In my defense, I didn't know she was right in front of me.  I was too obsessed with the thing next to me that made me yell out, "oh f-ing sh!t!"  That made everyone stop in their tracks.  Oops.  My mom spun around and grabbed my arm and dragged me into the bathroom.  Here, she decided to wash my mouth out with hand soap.  Never did that again.  EVER.

So, what did you learn in your place of worship?  Link up your post below!

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