Monday, February 11, 2013

M3~First Foods

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Getting ready for the hop over at the MBH (Mommy Blog Hoppers)!  This months topic is FIRST FOODS.

Well, for our Beanie Babies, we started them all off with peas.  It worked great!  All three love peas and are not afraid to try new veggies.  While a lot of my friend's kids will not touch veggies, especially GREEN ones. with a 10 foot pole, mine ask for peas and spinach balls (recipe to come...someday) and spinach-artichoke dip (not healthy, but how many of your kids ask for it?) and baked brussel sprouts.

With the first two, we started them with rice cereal at 5 months and added oatmeal to their diet at 6 months.  About two weeks after that, we introduced the peas.  Our pediatrician told us that it is now recommended to hold off on food until about 6 months to start anything.  We held off until about 7.5/8 months before giving Little Baby solids.  What a difference!  She hardly ever ate the cereals.  She chomps just watching us eat and by 9 months, she was chowing on baked chicken and boiled potatoes with all of us!  If I ever had to do it again, I'd wait.  I would also still start with peas ;)

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