Friday, February 1, 2013

January starbox

Have you ever wanted to try out new make up, but didn't want to pay for that full tube of lip stick and regret it 1/4 of the tube later?  Well, here's the solution!  I am so excited to be able to write a review on  I was sent this CUTE box for January!

When I opened the box, the FIRST thing that caught my eye was this hand crafted green beaded bracelet.  Isn't it cute!  Now, I don't have much green in my wardrobe, so this may be the only green thing I wear at St. Patty's Day, but it was a much needed addition to my collection!

Check out this blush.  I needed a new blush.  I was going to go out and purchase one of my "go-to" brands this week, but this beautiful blush showed up at my door.  I didn't really think I was a peach gal, but this "Cuty Peach" is a nice light color.  It doesn't look as orange as must peach blushes.

I have so many make up brushes (that's what happens when you previously work for a few cosmetic companies).  I love to collect them and compare the differences.  Whenever a friend or family member asks for my opinion, I am glad I have so many to tell them about.  One that is difficult to find is the eye make up ones.  They are so specific as to what each does.  I like this one because it's called a "dome" brush, so it is versatile.  Now, I have one more!  Look at this beauty:

It has a soft texture and makes the make up "flow" on.  It's wonderful.  I used three different brands of eye make up with this one.  All three went on clean (no flakes) and smooth.

Now, take a look at these two pencils and guess which one the Big One and Ms. Middle like the best?

That's right!  The "sparkly" one!  They both love it and were beggin me to allow them to try it on right when I got the box.  I am a fan of both pencils, the sparkly and the brown.  I like that they both go on smoothly and were easy to smudge to give more of a smoky/smoldering look.  Personally, I am more of a black/brown or black liner gal, but this works for a nice afternoon or early evening look.

So, if you want to join in on the fun, stop by and be sure to tell them that {blog} Dawn's Disaster sent you over.  They have a a great price of only $15.00 per month.  Sing up now!  I'm about to get set for February!!

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