Sunday, August 26, 2012

3 Significant Memories for Day 20

Day 20: Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

1)  My good friend, Emily, cutting her foot on a piece of glass while we were trying to get cookies:
                We REALLY wanted more cookies and they were in a cabinet high up.  So, we decided to climb onto the counter, via me boosting Emily up, then her reaching down to pull me up.  So, we got her onto the counter and she was turning around to pull me up and she knocked over a glass jar.  It was empty and I cannot remember what was supposed to be in it.  We were both very startled and she fell off the counter, but on her feet…right on the pile of glass that had gone on the floor.  Now, my compassionate mother comes into the kitchen screaming something about what did we break now? and didn’t realize Emily had cut her foot Emily and I both saw the blood and started to scream amidst our cries.  Emily ended up needing a few stitches on the bottom of her foot, but she lived!
2)  Also, with my good friend, Emily, smashing my class’ hamster under the couch and trying to tell my mom it just flattened.
            We had taken out the hamster to run it around the house.  Well, it took off for under the couch.  We tried to get it out with food and water and one of us on either end of the couch.  Nothing worked.  So, as we are VERY intelligent girls, we decide to lift up the couch.  So we do.  We see the hamster.  We both grab for the hamster…see where this is going?  NO ONE IS HOLDING THE COUCH and crash, it smuched the hamster.  Then, we tried to tell my mom that the hamster was just letting out his air and he would inflate eventually.  Obviously, she didn’t go for that.  So, we had to tell her what had happened and four months’ worth of allowance from each of us and two weeks of not seeing each other later, we bought my class a new hamster for someone else to smush.

3)  Almost being paralyzed by another 1st grader in choir.
            Apparently, there was a boy that sat behind me in choir who had a crush on me.  His way of showing me was to pull the chair out from under me when we were standing to sing, so when I went to sit down, I’d miss.  Well, my butt missed, but my neck and the back of my head didn’t.  Ambulance called, I don’t think I rode to the hospital in it, but I did have a nifty neck collar on when I was at the doctor (which is what I remember next).  Massive headache and whiplash later, I was in school and that boy was in the front of the choir (so he couldn’t pull anymore chairs out) even though he was WAY taller than anyone else – still is to this day!