Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 9 of My 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 9: List 3 people who have influenced you, and how.

1)  Dana Carmichael(-Tanaka), my 7th grade Social Studies teacher and non-church Christian mentor.  She helped me realize that God was everywhere.  I guess I was more of a church-goer until I met her, then after my oldest daughter was born, became a true Christian.

2)  Neil Anderson, my 9th grade Social Studies teacher.  No one in the education industry is as open, honest and caring as this man.  We were put to the test over two HUGE issues during my high school career.  Not only was (is) he a fantastic teacher, he is a phenomenal mentor.  Anyone who has the privilege of learning in one of his classes is a lucky human.  I am extra lucky, because he was able to help me through two tough times, one of them being the suicide of a boy I had a crush on, who also happened to be his nephew, within the first month of my high school days.

3)  President Bill Clinton.  People will reprimand him for being unfaithful and for lying.  What they should also take away is “be who you are, no matter what”.  He is and was who he is.  No amount of primping and poking and preparing helped him survive his tobackles.   He was vetted and approved by the majority of Democrats, even with his adulterous politics in Arkansas.  He openly cheated on his wife there, why would he stop in the White House?  She had plans of her own; it just took several years for the rest of the Country to figure that out.