Tuesday, August 7, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge...Jumping on the Train

Well, it seems the new trend is to do the 30 Day Blog Challenge.  So, from my cousin, Kate, I'm here to start my challenge.

Day 1:  List 10 Random Facts About Yourself

1)  My favorite food is cheese and I am lactose intolerant.  Yes, this makes for a not-so-pleasant time after eating the cheese, but most of the time, it's worth it.  Take last night for example; we had stuffed baked potatoes.  I had vegetables, chicken (cherry flavored, way good), cheese and ranch dressing on mine.  While I was adding the scrumptious, finely shredded, sharp cheddar cheese in two layers--one under the vegetables and one over--I thought to myself, you should stop.  Well, I didn't and boy was that a kick @** stuffed potato!  I think the second layer of cheese is really what did it, but I'm going to blame the peas :)

2)  There is a mole on my face that keeps growing, and I'm fairly sure the part that is colored keeps moving.  I think it used to be a beauty mark, right smack on my face, but for awhile now, I think it started to grow.  I have asked a few medical professionals about it and they all say, "if you want us to biopsy it, we can, but cancer doesn't usually grown there."  Seriously?!?  There's a place cancer USUALLY grows?  Please, tell me more.  I would like to have this place looked at not and every time I go to the doctor's office, just to see if this magical place has procured cancer...Well, I have decided that it isn't growing enough to warrant the pain of a biopsy, but if it did, I could guarantee, cancer COULD grow there.

3)  Purple USED to be my favorite color, but I think I'm partial to blue now.  Everyone gets me purple for Christmas and my birthday and any other occasion that they are buying something for me, so I think I'm just "purpled out".  I still really like the color, after all, it was one of my wedding colors.

4)  I would like to marry Justin Timberlake, Matt Bomer and Stephanie March.  Yes, all of them, and yes, my husband knows.  The are commonly known to my closest of friends as my 2nd husband (Justin Timberlake), my 3rd husband (Matt Bomer) and the gal I would have an affair with (take a guess as to which one).

5)  Twitter is something I don't think I'll ever learn.  Not that I want to send a statement or anything, it just doesn't make sense to me.  I fb all the time, have a phone to text with and email people.  I hardly have enough to say on fb, why do I need to tweet I have no life?

6)  On one hand it's extremely funny that my kids can't say Band-Aid, on the other hand, it's quite annoying.  Bam-baid isn't a word and both halves of the hyphen came up as spelled wrong.

7)  Measuring the dry ingredients is for dummies.  Only a handful of recipes are staples for my family.  I have about four totally memorized.  Any other, I need to look up.  Even then, they always turn out different, because I don't measure the dry ingredients...well, like if it said 4 cups of flour, I'd measure out the 4 cups and most or more would make it into the bowl.

8)  Starting each number with a different word was the hardest personal task I've done in a long time.  I didn't want to start each number out with "I".  There just isn't that much fun or interesting about me.

9)  This is harder than I thought it would be.  I thought this would be a piece of cake, after all, I know myself better than anyone else...right?

10)  I have 3.5 kids.  3.5 you ask?  Yes, 3.5.  I birthed 4 children, the first, I placed for adoption, hence the .5 kid.