Tuesday, June 25, 2013

20 Tuesdays in 2013.4

Ah!  I wrote this whole post and it's GONE!  Where did you go, my beautiful post?  I guess I need to start over again :(

I will never forget...

...to brush my teeth.  This wasn't my original post, but it will do.  I will never forget to brush my teeth because I hate bad breath.  I may wait until the day is mostly over, but I will always brush those suckers.

...to take the side of the Beanie Babies.  I know they will have some issues throughout their lives, but it is my job to stand by them.  To believe that they did was right.  To help them overcome whatever it is they need help with.

...to be a helpful person.  I have strayed before, but I am not longer going to forget.  It's too important to be helpful.  Not only for me, but for the other person/people, too.  It's good for the Universe.

Now, you tell me what you will never forget?

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