Sunday, June 16, 2013

In Honor of My Dad

I did put this up over at Jessica's place last Sunday, but I figured it would be ok here today, in honor of Father's Day!  Thanks for dealing with a double post!!

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I am 32 and still have my dad wrapped around my little finger.  He is the best dad.  No, he doesn't give me everything on a silver platter, but it's as close as he can get.  My parents have always been there for me {and my family}.  Honestly, I think I have the nest parents.

As long as I can remember, my dad and I have had a good relationship.  He is non-confrontational, so that helps my cause.  My favorite sport is Baseball.  My dad's favorite sport is anything that is considered a sport.  So, that worked out.  He enjoyed teaching me and my brother the rules of baseball.  My brother was WAY good {if only he wasn't so short, he could have gone far, but you don't see too many 5'5" baseball players these days}.  I digress.  Some of the fondest memories are at baseball games with my dad.  Not only did we go to many professional and minor league games, but we also watched our fair share of little league games.  Yes, as I have said earlier, my brother played, but I distinctly remember just randomly stopping and watching little league and high school teams play.  Something I plan on instilling in my kids {and makes my husband look at me like I'm crazy}.  We actually did it last weekend.  The Beanie Babies and I were at a park and a little little league game started.  You know, the kind where there are 20 infielders and a parent pitches?  One of those started.  So, we jumped up into the bleachers and started to watch the game.  Then, someone asked the Big One which team we were cheering for.  She said, "I don't know.  My mom said to just come up here and watch the game."  Hahaha!  Ok, so you can see why I do a lot of hops on my blog...cohesive thoughts are not so easy to come by in my head.

ANYWAY.  Moving on.  While searching through pictures, I couldn't find one with him and me.  This was the closest I could find:

...sad, right?  I mean, come on.  It's my dad!  Maybe that's what I'll get him for Father's Day.  A picture of us.  Or I could just stick with the safe bet and get him some fishing stuff, or golfing stuff.

Well I hope you all have some good memories with YOUR dad.  Stop by my disaster and leave a comment about your good times!

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