Friday, June 14, 2013

Take Two of June's Secret Subject Swap

Welcome to Take Two of June’s Secret Subject Swap. This week, 12 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

Secret Subject Swap

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My subject  was submitted by Indian American Mom

If you were given unlimited cash for travel expenses to visit three places in the world, describe your dream vacation?

3 places?  First is definitely Austria.  Specifically Vienna.  So beautiful and full of music history.  Then, I'd have to go to South Korea.  I suppose I would need to go to where I was born.  Not that there's any hope of finding my biologicals, but just to visit and see what it is like.  The last place would be the island I bought with the "unlimited cash" I had for travel expenses.  My accountant figured out a way to make that plausible.  My island would be like this one.  Since I'm now "stuck" on my purchased is;and {because I didn't plan another place to live}, I'd be sure to bring all of this stuff.

Ok, so the description of my vacation.  I would start by going to Vienna and staying a week or more.  I would visit all of the churches and musical "happenings".  I would take a day trip to see THE GRAVEYARD that has just about everyone in classical music history buried in it.  Except the one guy they think is buried in the catacombs of the big famous church in Vienna with all the other plague victims.

After my month or so there, I would visit South Korea for a week or shorter.  I don't really know what to see there.  Something in Seoul, but besides that?  Maybe the orphanage that I was placed in?  I'm not sure, but since this is an unlimited budget, it's thrown in.  Does anyone know of a good place to visit in South Korea?  Let me know in the comments, maybe I'll stop there.

The last of my three choices is my island that I bought with my unlimited vacation money.  Not 100& sure what I would do first.  Party?  Explore?  Invite people over?  Maybe Justin Timberlake?  I mean, he's right next door, after all, at another party.  Maybe I'd bake some banana chocolate chip bread and bring it to my neighbors...but wait, I have no boat.  I guess I'll have to tackle that first.  Maybe there will be a boat store on my private island.  Yes, that would be good.  A boat store.  So the rest of my dream vacation would consist of my retiring and relaxing.  I think that would be great!

So, what would YOU do for your unlimited cash vacation?

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