Thursday, June 6, 2013

#FTSF~I Hit a Turning Point in My Life When I...

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I hit a turning point in my life when I... pregnant.  Not with one of the Beanie Babies, but with my first daughter.  You can read more about there HERE, if you want.  So, back to my turning point and some other ramblings about adoption from my view.

The choice was actually a lot more clear than you would think.  You may hear about how choosing adoption was the hardest thing they have ever done, but I'm going out a on limb to say, it wasn't the CHOICE that was so hard, but the ACT.  Yes, the decision was hard, but I knew it was right.  Have you ever watched that show about birth moms debating over keeping or adoption?  Well, most of them should keep.  When your debate consists mostly of how will YOU feel when this is "all over" {in quotes because "it" is NEVER over}, you should keep your child.  The decision of adoption is not about how YOUR life will change, but what is best for your unborn child.

Why was this a turning point in my life?  Well, I realized a few things about myself then.  Before being pregnant, I wanted to be a music teacher.  Not only that, but I wanted to teach deaf kids the joy of music.  Well, after being pregnant, I pretty much realized I don't like other people's kids very much.  There's NO WAY I could have been a teacher and stayed sane.  So, that was a huge change in my life.

Another thing is I was in college, majoring in Music Education and Sign Language Interpretation.  Since I just had a revelation that I didn't want to do what I was in college to be, I stopped going.  That was a bad move. Do you have any idea how hard it is to go back to college?  VERY!

Ok, that's about all I have on that.

What turning point in your life are you going to share?  Link it on up and don't forget to come back next week!  Our sentence is:
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