Thursday, June 27, 2013

FTSF~The best fourth of July

Finish the Sentence Fridays
The best 4th of July I ever had was...
...any I can spend with my extended family.  Even if it drives me nuts.  Which is strange, because it's usually my family that drives me nuts.

Anyhow.  If you're reading this post, you haven't hopped through the linky yet, because I'm not actually linked up this week!  What?!?  Stop the presses!  I linked up my Guest Post over at Krystle's blog: Life Revolves Around Them.  Tricked ya!  Krystle had the nerve to go on vacation. Bah.  Who needs those?  Oh, that's right, I'll be taking a bloggy vay-cay next week!  Anyone want to GP HERE?  Let me know!

What made the best 4th of July you've even had special?  Link it up below.
We're taking a break next week.  Enjoy the 4th!

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